October 24, 2011. “Although I had certain expectations on what his strategy would be based on previous consultants, his “out of the box” thinking gave us insight we would not have taken our business originally. It was refreshing how his presentation and suggestions were direct and concise. Needless to say, I strongly recommend NCCLL’s services.”

Bennie Lagos
Chief Strategic Officer
Susteen, Inc.

Presented on August 23, 2011. Certificate of Appreciation presented to N C Cabana Logistics, LLC in recognition of a Business Writing Workshop conducted for the Food & Drug Administration selected staff from the Director of the Southwest Import District.


“I have known Nonie C. Cabana for over five years and have seen him in action during his active military tenure while I was a mobilized reservist at a Major Pacific Fleet Staff.  I can attest that he brings the same level of intensity and professionalism to his line of business of promoting human capital investment for the clients’ work force just as he used his diplomatic acumen dealing with the militaries and defense ministries of Pacific Rim Countries in cooperation with US Embassy Country Teams.   You can trust him to deliver and exceed the expectations of multiple customers.”

Daniel I. Gruta
Enterprise Architect & Senior Member Naval Officer Mentorship Association

“I was impressed with the curriculum produced by N C Cabana Logistics, LLC (NCCLL).  NCCLL was flexible and very willing to make adjustments to the curriculum when needed.  Therefore, there was no surprise when NCCLL was chosen as the successful bidder of the 7 submissions to conduct a Business Writing workshop to a federal government agency.”

Carlene Ross
North Lake College
Business and Training Services

“Nonie Cabana operates his company with relentless pursuit of giving his clients the best possible professional service.  His vast knowledge and experience in management and leadership, coupled with his professional demeanor, makes him great business person to work with.  He showed the highest qualities of professionalism when we collaborated in submitting grants and other projects.”

Kelli Waxman
CEO, Waxman Associates, LLC

“I’ve known Nonie C. Cabana for about a year and I can attest that his human capital focus to help his clients to nurture their work force is above reproach. Bottom line: You can trust him to exceed the customers’ expectations and to do the right thing.”

Horace Fauntleroy Jr.
CEO, Coaching3Way Consultants