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My first blog

We’re committed to stay useful and relevant to our clients by staying current on topical issues in logistics, strategic development, leadership and management.

Finding talents that compliment our core competency to provide best customer service with value added.

Places our customers as king and queen of our business.

Certification in Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program approved

The South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency approved N C Cabana Logistics, LLC as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) on April 8, 2013.

Additional Academia Clients

Hired by North Lake College, Irving, TX as Program Manager for five instructors.

Retained by Dallas County Community College District as a vendor for a variety of soft skill courses from 2017 to 2019.

Provided a source for BH Defense LLC for ESL instructors overseas.

Collaboration Spirit

Mr. Henry F. Garcia and Dr. Aaron R. Dewispelare from Asentrene, Inc., have been added as new associates of N C Cabana Logistics, LLC.  In reciprocity, Nonie C. Cabana, has been recently added as an Asentrene, Inc., associate.  This significant move allows both companies to complement each other in offering professional development classes to our clients.


In collaboration with BH Defense LLC as a consultant on sourcing ESL Instructors.

Products and Services Clearly Defined

Globally sources English As A Second Language (ESL) instructors.

Provides consulting services on strategic development and execution.

Serves as Program Manager for three instructors teaching ESL for North Lake College, Dallas County Community College District.

Provides instructors on soft skills (statistics, business writing, strategic development and program management).



My second post.

Expanded our reach by providing sources for ESL instructors as well as translation services.

Continues to pursue academic support with regard to school governance.

Committed to support clients with soft skills training and education.


Our Website has been Updated

Providing a wide range of services ranging from business development, strategic planning, ESL sourcing and translation services.